What is AWS EC2?

Amazon EC2 is one of the most used and most important services in Amazon. It allows you to bring up virtual instances – i.e. your own computers/ servers in the cloud. You can configure the hardware of these instances, connect to them via the terminal and install software like Nginx, PHP, Node, MySQL etc. This service … Read more

Google Assistant’s agenda now changes with the time of day

Google Assistant’s Snapshot is about to become much more useful if you have a packed daily schedule. Google has updated the daily agenda feature to summarize the most important tasks at the top, with the Snapshot now changing based on the time of day and how you’ve interacted with Assistant in the past. You’ll get … Read more

Google Duo is coming to Android TV soon

After announcing Chromecast support for Google Meet, Google has now revealed that the company’s consumer video chat app, Duo, will be coming to Android TV in the form of a native app that lets users start video calls from their TV screen. A beta of Google Duo for Android TV will be released “in the … Read more